Nomazz Meets the Baltics 2011 - 2013

Cooperation with Nomazz was the centre point of an intensive course that run for three years.

The course "Nomazz Meets the Baltics" brought together the Nomazz students and selected jazz students of the Baltic countries.
The course was a combination of seminars by all incoming teachers, ensemble playing in mixed groups and live performances every evening.

The course was a unique possibility for the Nordic/Baltic jazz students and teachers to mix and link different profiles, backgrounds and styles and an excellent opportunity for mutual inspiration and high-level creativity.

The first session of the three-year cycle took place 21st - 25th of March 2011 at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.
The second session was held at the same institution 7th - 11th of May 2012.
The third and final session was held in Vilnius at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre 4th - 8th February 2013.

Team of teachers (2011):
Mika Kallio (drums)
Mikko Innanen (saxophone)
Michael Francis Duch (double bass)
Liudas Mockunas (saxophone)
Darryl Andrews (guitar)
Jens Christian "Chappe" Jensen (saxophone)
Milic Petrovic (guitar)
Jay Rodriguez (saxophone)

Tanel Ruben (drums)

Team of teachers (2012):
Kari Ikonen (piano)
Ape Anttila (double bass)
Liudas Mockunas (saxophone)
Arturas Anusauskas (piano)
Fredrik Ljungkvist (saxophone)

Jacob Anderskov (piano)
Cabral Armando (guitar)

Tanel Ruben (drums)

Team of teachers (2013):
Ola Bengtsson (guitar)
Fredrik Ljungkvist (saxophone)

Sami Linna (guitar)
Artūras Anusauskas (piano)
Liudas Mockunas (saxophone)
Artis Orubs (drums)

Project partners:
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
NTNU in Trondheim
Latvian Academy of Music
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Sibelius Academy
Royal College of Music in Stockholm
Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg