Lars Fiil (piano)

Before starting the Nomazz course, I took my bachelors degree at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Besides playing the piano I also enjoy composing a lot, and I play in and write for a lot different groups, for example my own group, Lars Fiil Quartet, that released a record in January 2011 (read a review!)

At the moment I am also quite interested in free improvisation and the boundaries between composition and improvisation.

One of the things I love the most about the musical environment in the Nordic countries is the open-mindedness and diversity that exists. That really became apparent to me when I participated in the competition Young Nordic Jazz Comets in Helsinki, where I got the opportunity to hear 6 different young bands from all over the Nordic countries. Besides being blown away by the high level of technical proficiency of the other musicians, I was amazed by how many different takes there were on making music, and how personal and unique all the bands sounded, and it really makes me look forward to travel around to the different places and get deeper into each country's music and culture.